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About Model Prices

My name is Mads Phikamphon and this site, Model Prices, is making it easier to find and compare hobby model prices across 1,889 shops from all over the world.

I cover model trains and slot cars. I also just started adding diecast models.

I work on the site and extend it all the time. If you find something that looks strange or doesn’t work, please write to me so I can fix it 👷

When using the site, you might want to read about how the prices on the site works. Since my site compares prices across shops from many different countries, it’s worth considering the effects of different VAT rates, customs fees and delivery charges.

Questions might be answered by the FAQ. Otherwise feel free to write to me.

Mads Phikamphon

It’s a hobby project

Model Prices is a hobby project that I do on the side. My daytime job is in programming (LinkedIn) – and now that our children are getting bigger, I have more free time to do a project like Model Prices.

I’m running Model Prices through my Danish company Phikamphon Aps, CVR 41202572. Please read the privacy policy here.

If you want to follow along with the development of Model Prices, you can check out the changelog entries. You can also check out the Model Prices YouTube channel where I explain how the features on Model Prices work, etc.

Do you have a hobby shop?

If you have a hobby shop and would like to get your products added to the site, you can write to me.


I try to keep the prices and stock levels on the site as updated as possible, but mistakes might happen 😅 If a price or stock level on Model Prices isn’t the same as in the shop, it’s of course the shop price/stock level that is correct.

Some links might be affiliate links, which means I might make a small commission if you buy something through these links. My commission doesn’t change how much you pay for the products – and it helps me cover my costs 👍

You can read more about how the prices on Model Prices work here.


Click here to change your country and the currency that the prices are display in.

Social media

As mentioned above, I have a YouTube channel. Model Prices is also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but I don’t really use those 😲