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About the prices

To make sure you get the full benefit of Model Prices, there’s a few things I think you should know:


By default, the prices I show here on Model Prices are the prices being shown in the shops themselves. For example, if a shop shows the price being 100 EUR, that price will be shown on Model Prices too.

The prices shown in the shops (and thereby on Model Prices) are including VAT in the countries where the shops are located. Please be aware that the VAT rate isn’t the same everywhere and that differences in VAT rate might increase the price you pay.

For example, let’s say you want to buy a 100 EUR product from a shop in Germany where the VAT is 19%. You are yourself located in Denmark where the VAT rate is 25%. You cost will then be 105.04 EUR (100 EUR – 19% + 25%).

If you prefer, you can change whether the prices being shown here on Model Prices are with or without VAT using the dropdown above the price lists.

The options in the dropdown are:

  • All prices with shop VAT The default setting, showing prices as they are in the shops. The prices includes local VAT, i.e. VAT based on the VAT rate in the country where the shops are located.
  • All prices with XX VAT Show prices with the VAT rate of your selected country instead of the VAT rate of the country that the shop is located in. For example, if your selected country is Denmark and the shop is located in Germany, choosing this option will show the prices including Danish VAT instead of German VAT.
  • All prices without VAT All prices are shown without VAT.
  • Non-XX prices without VAT Prices from shops outside your selected country are shown without VAT. Prices from your selected country are shown with VAT (select your country/currency on the localization page).

Delivery costs

The prices are shown without delivery cost. Delivery varies a lot from shop to shop and depending on where the products should be delivered. Also, some shops charge the same for delivery no matter what you buy, while other shops might for example charge depending on the weight of the products 😲

As much as I would like to, it is therefore not possible for me to show delivery costs.

Delivery to your country

Because I don’t have delivery information from all the 1,889 shops on my site, I cannot filter the shops depending on whether they deliver to your country or not.

Most shops deliver abroad, but there are also shops that only deliver to the country they are located in or to specific countries (for example German/Austria only or EU only).


Most countries add customs to products delivered from foreign shops. So when buying from foreign shops, you should watch out for potential customs fees.

One happy exception is the EU. If you live in the EU and buy from a shop in another EU country, you do not pay customs (but you might still have to pay a bit extra if there a difference in VAT rates).

Exchange rates

The prices on Model Prices can be shown in different currencies. Every day I update the exchange rates, so I can show as correct prices as possible.

Wrong prices

I try to keep the prices on the site as updated as possible, but mistakes might happen 😅 If a price on Model Prices isn’t the same as in the shop, it’s of course the shop price that is correct.

Wrong stock levels

For some shops, I’m able to display stock levels. That is if a product is in stock or not. Just like with the prices, mistakes might happen. If a stock level on Model Prices isn’t the same as in the shop, it’s of course the shop stock level that is correct.

The shops

My dream is to include all the model train shops in the world here on my website, so I try to add all the shops that I find myself or get recommended 🤩 Still, there are shops I haven’t heard about, shops that my price collection robots can’t read and shops that don’t want to be included here on Model Prices.

Affiliate links

Most of the prices on Model Prices aren’t paid, i.e. the shops get their prices shown on my website for free. Some prices might be affiliate links, which means I might make a small commission if you buy something through these links. My commission doesn’t change how much you pay for the products – and it helps me cover my costs 👍

Price collection

The prices on Model Prices are collected from many different sources. If you have a model train shop and would like to get your products added to the site, you can write to me.